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The Nurse Life Care Planner

Posted 19 May, 2016

Nurse Life Care Planners create healthcare roadmaps. These nurses help patients who have suffered catastrophic injuries, chronic health problems, psychiatric conditions, neurological conditions, and other long-term disabilities. They work with patients and their families to help develop a "life plan" to best maintain and improve their overall quality of life. Patients' caregivers will know how often they need to schedule appointments, what to expect in terms of rehabilitation, and what the course of medical care will look like.

The Nurse Life Care Planner works directly with the doctors of the patient and other healthcare providers to assess current and future medical needs and services. Based on the findings, they then analyze and project the future medical cost of care for the patient over their lifetime.

The Nurse Life Care Planner advocates for the patient, especially for the one who cannot speak for their self. She will testify on behalf of the patient as to their loss of future wages, rehabilitation needs, medical costs, and more.

Nurse life Care Planners may work independently, acting as a consultant for businesses, or they may work with insurance companies, hospice groups, law firms, government agencies, and HMO's.

This fairly new specialty has become one of the most effective case management tools in nursing.