Peggy Hettick, RN, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant & Nurse Life Care Planner

Your Medical Investigator.

Criminal Cases

Both prosecuting attorneys and criminal defense attorneys rely on certified legal nurse consultants for their skills and resources to investigate medical-legal cases of assault, trauma, or death. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant's reviews and analyzes medical evidence, interviews and screens medical experts and can work with crime scene investigators. We can testify in court as fact witnesses, prepare witnesses and submits medical documentation that is used to determine sentencing.

QMLC will scrutinize the case records to:

  • Find facts and evidence relevant to the case
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Assess alleged damages or injuries
  • Identify missing records

QMLC will provide:

  • A professional report, which explains medical details in simple terms, that is clear and easy to understand
  • Medical research that is needed to support your case
  • An expert witness

QMLC will help pinpoint what matters the most and will leave no stones unturned when investigating your case.

Don't see what you need? Contact us to discuss our services in more detail, as we have the expertise to assist you with just about any case where health, illness or injury is an issue.