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Veteran's Health Care/Disabilities

When seeking service connection for a disability, any information about the SOURCE of the disorder is important but how severe the disability may be is not generally helpful to the Veteran.

However, when seeking a greater disability rating, information about the SEVERITY of the disorder is relevant, but not how the disability developed as a result of service. Helpful evidence to file a claim includes medical reports, statements from the physicians, letters and statements from the veterans' family members, friends, service colleague and employers. However, decisions for claims can and are often delayed or denied for failure to gather and submit all the relevant evidence that would substantiate the claim.

To ensure that you have the proper documentation to submit your case, QMLC will:

  • Identify missing records
  • Identify past medical history and relevance to the case
  • Assess alleged damages or injuries
  • Provide an explanation of injuries, their treatment and impact on your client's activities of daily living
  • Provide medical research
  • Provide a timeline of critical events in simple terms that are clear and easy to understand
  • Provide medical cost projections
  • Develop a Life Care Plan

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